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About Miva

MIVA is the new name for the Group. MIVA brings together, Espotting Media, Miva Corporation, Comet Systems and B&B Advertising. One company. One brand. One mission. To help businesses grow. In short, MIVA means business. Our mission is to 'Help Your Business Grow'.

The new platform is expected to extend MIVA's existing Pay-Per-Click offering by including a broader range of online advertising and marketing formats. It is intended that once fully rolled-out the new platform will provide a complete one-stop solution for publishers looking to monetize their web properties and advertisers looking to run branding, customer action and retention campaigns online.

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Miva Contact Info

T:   (239) 454-6988
A:   5220 Summerlin Commons Blvd, Suite 500 Fort Myers FL 33907

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