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Warner Bros.Inc.

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About Warner Bros.Inc.

Warner Bros. is a division of Time Warner. (NYSE:TWX)

Founded in 1918, Warner Bros. Studios are in Burbank California. Barry Meyer is the CEO.

Warner Bros.Inc. Contact Info

T:   818-562-3062
A:   4000 Warner Blvd. BURBANK CA 91522

(2) Remarks on Warner Bros.

  1. Can you or do know some who help me get to Boston,Mass to see my best friend Ben Affleck he is filming a movie called "The Town" there and he sent me a happy birthday massege on friday which he said I am welcome to go see him?

    From, Jon Kumbera

  2. Dear Sir, or Madam,

    My name is Joanna Boguslawska and I am writing from Poland. The second season of True Blood is about to be released on DVD here but I have a question concerning the distribution of the third season.
    My friend and I would like to ask if there is any chance for us to be involved in the Polish translation of the series.Let me point out the reasons to consider us for such task:

    - We graduated from the English Department of the University in Bydgoszcz and we have our masters in English.
    - Both of us have had the chance to practice our English during our numerous trips to Canada and the United States where we worked and lived among the American and Canadian communities. Such experience allowed us to improve and master the real English, not only its official by-the-book form
    - We have been working as English teachers for over 6 (me) and 3 (my friend) years in language schools. Starting this years we have become academic teachers in colleges, we teach English
    - During the five years of studies, we had 6 terms of translation practice during which we got familiar with translation techniques, including film translation.
    - I have already translated a film for a distributor, my friend has been attending post-graduate translation courses and she wrote her MA thesis concerning movie translation.
    - We have also published some articles in English magaiznes and we consider English language to be our hobby and research field.
    - We both are great fans of True Blood and we know we can translate the third season smoothly as we are very well familiar with the series' reality and cultural background.
    - My friend and I have been working together on numerous occasions, we are reliable and completly engaged and commited to our work.

    We have already tried contacting HBO about that matter, but so far we have not received any reply. We have also contacted HBO Poland, but without any luck. We will truly appreciate if you could give us any contact to people responsible for translation process at HBO so we could ask them directly about the Polish True Blood Season 3 translation. We believe we have strong points on our side justifying our competence and abilities to handle the task.

    I will be very thankful for any kind of reply.
    I will gladly attach our CVs and references.

    Best regards,
    Joanna Boguslawska, M.A.
    Agata Mioduszewska, M.A.

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Warner Bros.Inc.'s Parent Company is: Time Warner

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