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About Quantcast

Quantcast is a team of web analytics experts who want to make accurate and insightful internet audience information as widely available as possible.

For Publishers. More advertising spend is moving online and increasingly the big budget brand advertisers are shifting their budgets. To capture a share of these dollars publishers need to clearly articulate their audience composition and the unique opportunity it offers these advertisers. Quantcast's free Quantified Publisher Program can help you do this, and gets you in front of planners and buyers when they are making their decisions. Quantcast can help you command the higher rates charged by large sites with their dedicated research and sales teams.

For Advertisers. Our Audience Search EngineTM systematically identifies more suitable locations for your campaigns than any other search tool. Contact us at advertisers@quantcast.comfor a free evaluation. We can find dozens of contextually relevant sites for even your hardest media planning and buying challenges.

Quantcast Contact Info

T:   (415) 738.4755
A:   400 Second St., Suite 350 San Francisco CA 94107

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