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About ClickForensics

For over 5 years the online advertising industry has relied on Click Forensics as the independent authority on traffic quality and click fraud. Click Forensics provides a free reporting and monitoring service via the Click Fraud Network and was instrumental in the formation of the Click Quality Council in 2006. Advertisers, publishers, search engines, and the media have come to rely on Click Forensics’ data and expertise in the fight against click fraud. The team is leveraging their deep expertise in online marketing, Internet security, and click fraud detection techniques to now find other sources of low-quality traffic, and even score the relative merits of high-quality traffic, in an effort to provide robust traffic quality management solutions.

The Click Forensics software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are deployed for advertisers, publishers, or ad networks through a simple browser-based user interface, or directly through an integrated API. Attributes of ad clicks are examined via log files (or page tags) and analyzed using proven heuristics for determining quality. Data mining techniques are applied to click behavior to identify markers and determine relative merit of every click, every visitor, and every site. Comparative data is available across a community of advertisers, networks, and publishers for correlation, validation, and continuous improvement to the algorithms.

Click Forensics is headquartered in Austin, TX and is privately held with funding from Austin Ventures, Sierra Ventures and Shasta Ventures.

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ClickForensics Contact Info

T:   (866) 51-CLICK
A:   14607 San Pedro Avenue Suite 120 San Antionio TX 78232

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