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Labitat Inc.

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About Labitat Inc.

Personally speaking, Labitat is my (Jason's) startup. After taking some time off from my last gig I really thought long and hard about what I wanted my next company to do and Labitat is what I came up with. I get asked all the time what Labitat is suppose to mean. Simply put, Labitat is a combination of two words, Lab and Habitat. So as the name implies, there is always a lot of experimenting going on inside Labitat. Most of our experiments and projects are of the technology and marketing kind but occasionally we do a few other things as well.

Our primary focus is on providing the best search engine optimization and search engine marketing (ppc) consulting services to our clients. Because we're not concerned with being the biggest marketing consultancy, only the best at what we do, we will never have more than a handful of active consulting clients at any given point in time.

When we take on a consulting client, each client has to fit into our "ideal client profile". It may sound like we really don't want to do consulting, but that's not the case at all. We simply want to make sure that the clients we take on as consulting projects are as committed to their projects as we are and have the ability to execute the plans we put in place.

1. Demonstrated need for search engine optimization
2. Demonstrated need for pay per click (search engine marketing) consulting
3. Established company or startup who's founders are leaders In their fields
4. Looking for more than technical implementation & seeking business model improvements
5. Requiring a solution that has never been crafted before
6. Ability & foresight to implement recommendations quickly and to follow-through with data gathering & analysis

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T:   321-459-5591
A:   350 Tangerine Ave Suite 5 Merritt Island FL 32953

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