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comScore Networks

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About comScore Networks

Whether your focus is online or multi-channel, direct response or long-term branding, domestic or global marketing, comScore provides the knowledge you need to achieve your objectives.

This capability is based on a massive, global cross-section of more than 2 million consumers who have given comScore permission to confidentially capture their browsing and transaction behavior, including online and offline purchasing. Through its proprietary technology, comScore measures what matters across a broad spectrum of behavior and attitudes. comScore panelists also participate in survey research that captures and integrates their attitudes and intentions. Through this approach, comScore delivers seamlessly integrated behavioral and attitudinal research that marketers have long sought.

comScore Networks Employees

We track both past and present comScore Networks employees and key comScore Networks executives.

comScore Networks Contact Info

T:   866-638-3835
A:   11950 Democracy Drive, Suite 600 Reston VA 20190

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