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MPlanet 2006

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About MPlanet 2006

Mplanet is an unparalleled concentration of marketing knowledge and business connections, brought together by the American Marketing Association and its partners: Bain & Company and the Wharton School of Business. Mplanet is a one-of-a-kind forum where B2B and B2C marketing leaders and luminaries will share the latest marketing thinking, ideas, innovations and their visions for tomorrow. Plus they'll offer field-tested strategies and proven solutions that you can take away and put to use.

Mplanet is a totally unique and inspiring environment—a sort of "un-conference" with engaging program formats, topic specific groups, highly interactive sessions and an invaluable Mplanet support network that will keep the conversation and connections going long after the event itself. You'll leave empowered to be a more effective marketer, with greater knowledge and resources to help achieve you and your organization's goals.

Discover more about the challenges and opportunities Mplanet will address and the benefits of attending.

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