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IM Safer Child Internet Protection Software for Parents imsafer,logo

About IMSafer

Interestingly enough the guys over at IMSafer have two different blogs, one for Parents and the other for nerds. I wanted to get their full address and phone number but like many startups these days they're using a proxy registration on their domain name (so no luck with the company address) and they don't list a phone number anywhere on their site.

They also have a manifesto listed on their parents blog that deserves some attention.

Welcome to the IMSafer blog! IMSafer is developing and will sell a web based service to protect children online. Our service will be easy to use, it won’t be spyware, and, most importantly, it will be effective. Here, in this blog, we will explore the topics of protecting children online, our product development philosophies and anything else we find interesting. Most importantly, we want to hear from you about these topics, and what we can do together to protect our children.

What happens when you grow up? Well, for many that means that you become a parent. As all parents know, when you have kids you start thinking about things you could not have cared less about before you had kids. For me, that all started with a conversation with a friend of mine who is a federal officer. He worked crimes against children, and over dinner with my wife and I, he shared stories about some of the terrible types of predators and molesters he had to deal with every day.

We talked in depth about the real challenges of the Internet as they pertain to children and online predators. A good portion of the conversation was spent by him wondering why there wasn’t better software on the market to help parents. A good question, and one for which I had no answer. So I got some of the smartest people I know together and we started thinking about how we would solve the problem if we had a blank sheet.

Who are we? That’s a great question. Think of us as what happens when the Internet bubble kids grew up. We went through the late 90s being young and irresponsible, and with a sense that we could do no wrong. We were largely humbled coming out the other side of that experience. I think the most important thing that I learned during that time was that building a great product is not enough. You have to be incredibly passionate about the problem you are solving, and really connect with your customers to best understand how to solve their problems and what problems need solving.

Being geeks, we wondered what technology was already available to prevent the outcomes chronicled on the To Catch A Predator series on Dateline NBC. We wondered what the issues were that parents cared about, which ones the press were covering, and which ones were the technology providers solving. After spending considerable time on the topic, we have concluded that the entire debate about protecting children online was focused on the wrong solutions. Not only are the press and politicians thinking about the wrong problems, the technology that exists, ostensibly to help parents, doesn’t work. In reality, they create nothing but headaches for parents, not to mention an air of distrust they create with their kids because they are perceived as spying tools.

So what are we going to do about it? We have a simple, yet very ambitious goal. To provide technology that solves the problem of protecting your children online. We’re going to finally provide you with a tool to help you prevent creeps from connecting with children via IM, email, or any of the social networks. We think that not only will parents love the service, but their kids won’t mind that they are using it either. How’s that for a bold proclamation?

We’re young, we’re parents, and we are passionate and care deeply about solving this problem. Join us in our fight against those who would attempt to do bad things with our children. Visit this blog often, and feel free to email us your thoughts, concerns and ideas about what the major online players aren’t doing. Working together, we can solve this problem. Consider this an open discussion with a group of dedicated nerds who will solve this problem. will be the center of the web discussion about protecting children, and we promise to keep it updated with fresh content. Mark it as a favorite and tell your friends with kids about us. If you are particularly adventurous, signup on our homepage to get early access to our product. It’s time to take back the Internet.

We began our first day of operations with one simple statement. “It stops now.” The harder we can make it for would be predators to use the Internet for bad things, the better. Our quest begins today. Our target is to have product available to those who sign up for early access in just two months. Wish us luck.

Latest news from IMSafer...
IMSafer’s newest release removes the need for parents to understand the difference between IM software and social networking sites. The release also simplifies the community voting functionality so parents can report whether they are comfortable with the way one particular individual talks with their children and see whether a person exchanging messages with a child has been deemed dangerous by others.

A small company located in Houston, TX. We started with a simple plan: to rethink the problem of protecting kids online. "Simple", "easy to use" and "effective" are our guiding principles. The products for protecting children online are overwhelming for parents, hard to use, and require too much work on the part of the parents. We started with a blank sheet, used new technologies, and have created a really great service for parents. There's a reason IMSafer is trusted to protect kids online. Most importantly, we're a bunch of nerds, which means that we understand the plight of the parents, but we also used to spend a great deal of time using our technical knowledge for, shall we say, less than ideal purposes. Each of us had at least one conversation with a guidance counselor who said "if only you could use your powers for good". This is our chance.

The Company started with a simple plan: to rethink the problem of protecting kids online. "Simple," "easy to use" and "effective" are its guiding principles. The products for protecting children online are overwhelming for parents, hard to use, and require too much work on the part of the parents. Starting with a blank sheet, IMSafer created new technologies resulting in a truly useful service for parents. Everyone has had at least one conversation with a guidance counselor who said to us: "If only you could use your powers for good." This is one shot for that, according to CEO Brandon Watson.

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