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FreeRange Communications

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About FreeRange Communications

FreeRange Communications was created to develop innovative products that tap into the continued convergence of computers, the internet and mobile phones. Founded in 2004, our first products are business-focused applications that bring fast and affordable information access to your mobile device.

With our eye firmly on the trend of convergence, our goal is to combine the increasing computing power of modern mobile phones with their data capabilities to create useful applications that help people get more out of their phones.

Our applications and publishing solutions are written in Java so that they can be accessed by all manner of operating systems and devices. FreeRange's superior engineering, innovative user interface solutions, and experienced management team position the company to be a leader in the emerging market for smartphone applications.
Management Team

Jon Maroney, President

As president of FreeRange, Jon oversees the day-to-day operations of the company as well as the strategic development of the company's products.

David Boyd, Chief Technical Officer

David Boyd has over 12 years experience as a senior software engineer as well as an extensive background in a variety of languages and tools.

Dave Salmon, Chief Scientist

With twenty years of programming experience with multiple languages, client-server applications and numerical methods, Dave is in charge of the design and implementation of the advanced server architecture which helps power FreeRange applications.

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FreeRange Communications Employees

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FreeRange Communications Contact Info

T:   (503) 548-4072
A:   621 SW Alder St., Suite 660 Portland OR 97205

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