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File Management

This digital lifestyle can be a real pain when you don't have one place to hold your files as you move from place to place as an internet nomad, we have some tools and sites that will help

Drop Send logo - drop,send,logo
Send large files of up to 1GB Ideal for sending jpegs, pdfs, MP3s Send important large files to clients Fast, simple and secure to use No software to install Free file-sending with the Basic plan Back up all your files online Store important information then access it anywhere Share your stored files with others Back up your website and other projects Archive all your critical data Business plan available for group file-sharing
File Mobile logo - file,mobile,logo
Our proprietary platform, Media Factory, is a content (media) management system, widget publisher, and application development environment for rich media.
Omni Drive logo - omnidrive,logo
Omnidrive’s development began almost three years ago by one person with the goal of building an application that would make it incredibly easy to get content on and off the web.

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