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About ThePlatform

thePlatform began as a question in the minds of our founders: How could large volumes of broadband media be handled in a simpler and smarter way?

Digital media didn't play as big a role in most consumers' online lives back in 2000, but these guys saw that it wouldn't be long before demand drove digital media business to search for ways to keep up with consumption. A few years later, thePlatform is helping major digital media companies manage and publish their video and audio, and reach millions of viewers.

Over time, we've continued to add technologies and services that help our clients easily get their online content to their customers. Major extensions to our solutions include the Remote Media Processor, which remotely protects, transcodes, and move files; the launch of mpsConnect, a service that makes it easy for content providers to syndicate their media to distribution outlets; and mpsPresent, a suite of media player development tools.

What's next? Well, what do you need?
Who we are

Since its inception, thePlatform has been a leader in the broadband video market. In 2006, we became a subsidiary of Comcast Interactive Media, which enables us to increase our technology investments. As a result, we've introduced innovative products and services like mpsPresent and our Community Toolkit, and have developed a partner program that spans the entire ecosystem of online video.

We develop our services using Agile methodology, which combines rapid, test-driven development and collaboration. The people here pride themselves on creating something of quality, and we have a great time doing it. We believe life's too short to waste your talent on something mediocre.
What we do

No one else is doing exactly what we do: developing a flexible set of services that work together so our customers can deploy the tools that best meet their broadband video management and publishing needs. We've received recognition for moving our technology forward and outfitting our customers with the best services. In 2006, thePlatform was rated the top vendor in the broadband video application service provider (ASP) market by ABI Research.

Our list of notable customers includes BBC Global News, CBS College Sports TV,, truTV, Hearst Media, Helio, Sony BMG (US), and Sony Television.
Where we're headed

thePlatform is staying true to our original vision of a media management and publishing technology that supports varied business models and scales to deliver media to the largest audiences on the web. We're focused on solving the most difficult problems in the industry. We help you find your audience via syndication, generate revenue via broadband video advertising, create compelling playback experiences, and more.
Contact the digital media management experts

Find out how our products and team of professionals can help you expand your broadband video business. Contact us.
Our CEO Ian Blaine discusses a bit of thePlatform's history

Watch more of our employee videos here.
thePlatform, one of the best companies to work for in Washington

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T:   1 (206) 436-7900
A:   3101 Western Avenue, Suite 300 Seattle WA 98121

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