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Vibrant Media

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About Vibrant Media

It’s all About the Words
Vibrant processes 5 billion words every month and aligns these words with relevant video, information, tools, and advertising. Through Vibrant In-Text Ads, every word across the internet becomes an opportunity for advertisers to engage with their customers. Learn more about our In-Text product suite here.

Vibrant Word Ownership Program
Own your words across the internet. Advertisers can now secure their product, industry or brand words exclusively across the internet. Rotate campaign initiatives 24/7, 365 days a year. They're your words - own them.

* Solidify your position - gain mindshare
* Clarify your message - ensure that your brand is synonymous with your core word(s)
* Secure your words - protect your word(s) from competition
* Change perception - introduce a new capability or strength

Premium Placement
Integrate your brand message across 3,500 premium websites.* By putting your advertising
directly inside the content, Vibrant In-Text Ads cut through the online clutter and deliver a
contextually relevant, high impact ad experience.

User-Controlled Advertising
Vibrant In-Text Ads offer a qualified, user-initiated impression that allows you to engage with
your customer conveniently and on their own terms

Vibrant Media Contact Info

T:   646 312 6100
A:   565 5th Avenue, 15th Floor New York NY 10017

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