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About PointRoll

Interactive advertising

PointRoll offers a solution to the poor performance of the standard banner – a suite of products and services that allows agencies, advertisers and publishers to deliver user-friendly, online ads that engage their target. Effectively bringing a mini-web site to the user without requiring a click. Interactive features such as streaming video, polling, instant e-mail, data collection and more can easily be used by marketers to deliver ads that build their brand and drive their sales.

(267) 558-1300

Keith Lewis
(267) 558-1300 ext 261

Creative Development

Trafficking, Site Acceptance, Publisher Testing

Technical Support

Public Relations
(267) 558-1300

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PointRoll Contact Info

T:   (267) 558-1300
A:   951 East Hector Street Conshohocken PA 19428

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