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Innodata Isogen

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About Innodata Isogen

We help many of the world’s leading companies create and manage content more efficiently and economically. We’ve geared our entire infrastructure – people, processes and technology – to help clients meet their content creation and publishing challenges. And we deliver these services through a globally distributed workflow that draws upon our proven project management expertise to deliver rapid scale, quality enhancements and significant economic benefits.

We also help our clients improve their internal business operations with information technology (IT) and systems engineering. We help clients transform their content-related business processes, flatten organizational boundaries and overcome technological limitations. Our clients, freed from inefficient or routine tasks, are poised to focus on what they do best – create value for their customers.
Global Recognition

We continue to gain recognition as a leader in knowledge process outsourcing. We were named as a Rising Star on the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) Global Outsourcing 100 and recognized as a leading outsourcing provider to the printing and publishing business by the Black Book of Outsourcing. In addition, we were once again named to EContent magazine’s EContent 100 and ranked as one of India’s leading ITeS and BPO companies by D&B India.

Innodata Isogen Employees

We track both past and present Innodata Isogen employees and key Innodata Isogen executives.

Innodata Isogen Contact Info

T:   201-371-2520
A:   Three University Plaza Hackensack NJ 07601

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