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About AdMedian

Founded in 2003, AdMedian LLC is a profitable online media company that provides solutions to advertisers and publishers worldwide. AdMedian manages a wide range of advertisers in both the US and abroad offering run-of-site or vertical specific graphical ad campaigns and sponsored search advertising options. Publishers are offered multiple solutions to help them monetize their web site traffic through our Publisher Network on a CPM and CPC basis. By utilizing our performance driven ad-serving capabilities and secured by our proprietary click fraud technology, advertisers are able to maximize their ROI, while enabling publishers to reach their full earning potential. We have paid out millions of dollars to our publishers who are loyal to our network due to our ability to provide multiple payment options, fast payback, personal service and leading money making opportunities.

AdMedian Employees

We track both past and present AdMedian employees and key AdMedian executives.

AdMedian Contact Info

T:   800 296 6445
A:   Minneapolis MN

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