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About 180LA

180 employs 200+ people from over 30 countries.

180 employs 200+ people from over 30 countries.180's client roster includes adidas International, Sony Consumer Electronics USA, Sony Corporation, Seventh Generation, Bombay Sapphire, Boost Mobile, MTV, BMW Motorcycles, Amstel Beer, Glenfiddich and Omega Watches.

180LA Contact Info

T:   310-382-1400
A:   1424 2nd Street, 3rd floor SANTA MONICA CA 90401

(4) Remarks on 180LA creative advertising

  1. Very very entertaining and clever ad re Boost
    Mobile Baby.
    Everyone I know is talking about it.

  2. How fresh and new to
    see an ad for cell
    phone (Boost Baby)
    that actually makes
    you want to use this
    product! Some people should just
    lighten up!

  3. Its unfortunate that in a vastly competitive area like the cell phone market, Boost has gone the way of sophomoric banter in this disturbing campaign. The visual distractions aside, there is no clear message for the products. Lighten up? You bet. Grow up? no doubt. I would no more switch to Boost than eat my own cousin...

  4. What demographic is Boost going for--the moron market? I will never give Boost a penny.

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