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Advertise On MarketingShift

With more than 500,000 monthly page views and thousands of RSS subscribers, MarketingShift is one of the top marketing blogs on the web. We are also one of the few marketing blogs to be a source for Google News. That means if we post about it, it will be in Google News. That is a useful tool that not many marketing blogs can provide you.

Sponsoring MarketingShift will put your site in front of the right people. Our audience consists of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, early adopters, people of influence and journalists. MarketingShift also has a strong following among bloggers and this influential demographic helps increase exposure of MarketingShift and its sponsors.

An added and unique benefit from advertising on MarketingShift is our diverse sources of traffic. Unlike most blogs who rely strictly on RSS and Email subscriber traffic, MarketingShift has thousands of RSS and Email subscribers but also has significant search engine traffic.

I know what you are thinking: 'It sounds expensive!', but it is not. For only $500 you can sponsor MarketingShift. Our sponsors will receieve:

  • 1 ad size of 125 by 125 pixels
  • 1 month's placement on MShift in a prominent position, no minimum term
  • Link back to your company's website or blog
  • An excellent CPM around $1.

While we do not allow animated or Flash ads, link tracking codes are permitted which will allow you to track your ad's performance.


MarketingShift is dedicated to helping marketers of all kinds do their job better by embracing the shift from traditional marketing methods to the new school of interactive marketing. We provide original news, opinions, research and analysis on a variety of marketing topics from social media, to video advertising and even as far as football.

If you want your company to be seen by the movers and shakers; contact us about advertising on Mshift today!.

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