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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Appbackr A Finalist in PaypalX Developer Challenge

Appbackr LogoiPhone App Funder, appbackr, Revolutionary Approach to Immediate Funding for Apple iPhone and iPad Developers Leads in PayPal Challenge by Bringing Immediate Funding to independant iPhone Developers via microfinancing.

PayPalX announced that appbackr was selected by community voting to become one of 11 finalists in the PayPalX Developer Challenge. Marketing Shift had helped appbackr get a last surge of support from the app developer community.

Appbackr provides a simple and revolutionary approach to Immediate Funding for Apple iPhone and iPad Developers selling apps in the iTunes store. Application developers sell wholesale units of their apps on appbackr. App developers get funds right away. Buyers profit when the apps sell on the iTunes store. appbackr is a wholesale digital marketplace for Apple iPhone and iPad developers. The PayPalX Developer challenge is intended to reward creativity, innovation and viability. This model supports iPhone developers by allowing them to pull value out of their idea, rather than having to go through the long mating process of trying to get the app in front of the right developer.

The finalists will now go on to be judged by a panel of distinguished judges including chairman of eBay Inc., Pierre Omidyar; PayPal president Scott Thompson; general partner of Andreessen/Horowitz, Marc Andreessen; Sequoia Capital's Roelof Botha, and Intuit’s Scott Cook, who will choose the top two prize winners. Winners will be announced at DEMO Spring 2010 in March.

New business models can take months and years to get off the ground. If appbackr wins the contest they will get a lot of exposure and have the chance to shake up how apps get funded. appbackr made it through the support of app developers around the world. Now they need people who support appbackr to tweet with #appbackr #paypalx and become a fan at the Appbackr facebook page. Developers are revolutionizing the manufacturing and distribution of the apps we rely on. appbackr provides a compelling way to bring Immediate Fund micro-financing to entrepreneurs, developers and creatives. Let's encourage PayPal to appreciate how big the demand is for Immediate Funding for app developers. appbackr is the next generation of micro-finance and opens up a whole new category of opportunity for PayPal. Developers benefit. Consumers benefit. Your support can help people to see the potential that appbackr represents. Remember that Appbackr is by invitation only until launch (ping me if you need an invite).

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This is going to be a very good app.

Comments by John Bent : Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 04:06 AM

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