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Friday, July 10, 2009

Shark Week 09 Fishing For Great White Viewers

Shark Week Viral Kit
What social media outlets are they using?
  • Facebook Connect though I'm not sure whether or not it worked for me, not even sure how to tell quite honestly. I don't think the Facebook profile is getting much tractiont but haven't seen any other virus spreaders say anything about it so who knows.
  • Twitter: They created a frenziedwaters profile on Twitter and a lot of tweeps seem to think it's pure genious but I dunno. I also noticed that the term "Discovery Channel" was in Twitter Trends yesterday but it was gone this am.
  • YouTube: They have a user and channel set up with 4 well-produced videos that only lead to more mystery.
  • Blog: As far as I can tell they're only using Twitter and not a full-fledged blog, which makes sense due to the short term nature of the event they're marketing.
  • SEO: All of the bloggers are taking care of the seo for them with backlinks and tweets. I find it interesting that they are directing Google to not cache their homepage and that the homepage is all flash with no on-page seo value. One day an agency will step up that can do viral marketing with all the bells and whistles of streaming multimedia but also include on-page and on-site seo as part of their offerings but to date I have not seen any single firm do that yet, not even Camp Fire Media out of NYC (they did the campaign for Discovery Channel).
The cluing into geocaching, are they clued in or clueless?
I think the only reason I got one of the jars was because of my post on Monday about my recent geocaching experience. I think at the last minute the kind folks at Discovery Channel Shark Week thought it would be good to send me something since they put up all of those coordinates in their flash movie on The reason I am fairly certain this is the case is because I didn't get one of those fake obituaries like the other bloggers which leads me to believe this was a last minute type of deal but who knows. Regardless, the jar is at home with my daughters and Piper and I tried on the shark attack swim shorts this morning as a joke and surprised Shannon when she came downstairs, it was pretty funny. In fact, I think I might wear the shorts they sent us to the beach this weekend when I go surfing because they actually fit, go figure.
Site construction for the viral campaign
I felt like the "send to friend" link was not visible enough and blended in too easily into the background of the site. It was also bothersome that there was no way for you to cut and paste the coordinates into google maps or copy them to the clipboard to facilitate looking up the locations faster. Like I said before, the site has zero on page seo other than the Title and meta-descriptions being properly constructed. It's built entirely in flash and won't have any lasting value after this year's Shark Week is over. Which is no good for the Discovery Channel since they'll want the sites they constructed for the past years to show up on the first page of Google for the term Shark Week but I don't think that's going to happen with, oh well, live and learn I suppose. I guess it's wait and see time now so let's wait and see what kind of buzz this thing is going to generate.

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(1) Thoughts on Shark Week 09 Fishing For Great White Viewers

Thought this may be of interest to all shark fans. I stumbled upon it today.


The last first-edition collector's hardbacks of MEG: Hell's Aquarium are being shipped to Barnes & Noble, Borders, and in time for Discovery Channel's SHARK WEEK, August 2nd - August 9th. MEG, short for Carcharodon Megalodon was the 70-foot, 70,000 pound prehistoric cousin of the Great White Shark. Reviewers have called best-selling author Steve Alten's latest installment "the Moby Dick of giant killer shark novels."

Must-reading for shark lovers!

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