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Monday, June 29, 2009

I.T. Garage Sale - Monitors, Firewalls, Phones & Furniture

I'm selling everything that's in my office so I can work from home again. Everything I have I've purchased new or have had made custom for my company (Labitat)

Here is a partial list of items I'm selling. I'll have the doors open all week from 8am - 5pm so feel free to stop by and look over what I have because I'm selling all of it. office supply saleEveryone that comes into my office falls in love with it. I designed the office for efficiency and with minimilastic style that reflects my love for surfing, especially vintage longboards. I designed every surface from the desks to the kitchen area to mimic the look of an old balsa wood longboard with mahogany inlay. office chair saleThe floors are light bamboo with sand colored walls and white square trim.

IT Equipment / Computer Stuff
1 - Viewsonic 22" Monitor
2 - Viewsonic 19" Widescreen Monitors
6 - Packet 8 Phones with modems
1 - 2nd Generation iPod (80 gig)
2 - Netgear VPN firewall routers
2 - Power Tower 16 outlet 30 amp server cabinet distribution units (metered surge protection and power distribution units).
3 - APC 14 outlet 25 amp switched PDU's
3 - 8 outlet 20 amp PDU's
3 - Shelves for a standard server rack/cabinet
Tons of computer and server power cables (both single and y-cords) Y-Cords are for servers with two power supplies.
Box of ethernet cable
Bunches of premade ethernet cables
Fiber optic cables
office desk saleEthernet cable tester
Cisco 1700 series DSN router
Several keyboard/mice combos
Furniture and Fixtures
1 - Mahogany Table with 1" maple inlay 66" x 66" (hand built by local Master Craftsman Josh Rosenburg)
4 - 4ft x 8ft Ceramic Whiteboards (can't be ruined by cleaning solutions)
3 - Partner's desks with mahogany inlay (also custom built by local Master Craftsman Josh Rosenburg)
1 - L-Shaped receptionist desk
2 - Wood dining room tables (we pile stuff on them) ;)
1 - Chocolate upholstered chair from West Elm (this chair)
1 - Chocolate upholstered couch from West Elm (here's a pic)
4 - Rick Piper Pieces of art including 2 framed 62" pieces. The frames alone were $400+.
8 - executive office chairs

Extra Credit My surfboards, Herman Miller Embody Chair and my Motorized Desk
So if you've read this far then you probably know I'm a geek that loves to surf and that my office is a direct reflection of me. That being the case, here are a couple of my prize possessions that I'd also be willing to sell, but only to those of you that tell me the secret word. The secret word is "labitant".
1 - Brand new, never ridden, milk-white resin tinted, Robert August Dodger Kremel Model longboard signed by Robert August. 9'4" tri-fin. One main fin with 2 stabilizers. I bought this new from Cape Surf about 2 years ago.
1 - Mayo 9'0" singlefin longboard (bought off of my pal Andrew a few months back)
1 - 6'4" Hobie tri fin with polished glass finish. Bought this board new at Ron Jons back in the early 90's. Has never had a major ding.
1 - 5'11" March 21 old school twin fin with green resin tint finish (bought new from Roy at Watersports World in Cocoa Beach)
1 - 6'5" Lightwave stingfish. I call it the fat boy board cause it floats me pretty well (bought it used from lightwave a few years back)
1 - 6'3" Rusty thruster. Bought this new from Cape Surf a couple years ago and took it to Nicaragua and Costa Rica last December. Great board but I'm too fat, lazy and broke to try to ride her any more.
1 - custom made bamboo surfboard rack that currently holds my quiver in my office. I also had this made specifically for me and my office and it too must go.
1 - Herman Miller Embody chair (this is the latest chair by Herman Miller and is suppose to replace the Aeron in popularity).
1 - Height Adjustable desk (20" - 46") powered by hidden electric motors and has 3 memory settings. Great for when you are walking around talking on the phone and come back to your desk. You don't have to sit down and lose your train of thought since the desk and monitors are at eye level.

so much more stuff you'll just have to come by and see it because it will take too much time to list it.

The address is
Labitat Inc.
350 Tangerine Ave. Suite 5
Merritt Island, Florida 32953

We're in the Grove Street area of Merritt Island just off of North Tropical Trail. We're in the green building and do not have any signs at the street or on the windows to our office. Ask for Wingnut when you get here. If you have any questions you can call Wingnut directly at 321-459-5591.

I.T. Garage Sale - Monitors, Firewalls, Phones & Furniture By Matt O'Hern at 01:12 PM
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UPDATE: Freeverse, Epic Tilt, Ooyala & other Tech Companies to Watch

It's hard to believe that we're more than halfway through the year, but time flies. Now that we have six months to reflect on, it's time to take a look at the tech companies I listed as the ones to watch in 2009.
freeverse logoFreeverse: Developed several top-selling iPhone Apps, including Flick Fishing, Flick Bowling and Wingnuts Moto Chaser. Flick Fishing became the first paid  app to hit 1 million downloads on App Store.

Epic Tilt: The company that brought you ESPN Cameraman, Pussycatt Dolls Party Pack and Be Like Lil Wayne app recently added Spelling Bee to its ESPN Arcade lineup. The next game due for release, TapStar, is a "tap-style" version of Rockband of Guitar Hero, with major bands included in the game.

Lexcycle: Was purchased by Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN). Lexcycle created  the Stanza App, which includes hundreds of classic literary works for free reading.

China Mobile Limited:  (NYSE:CHL)China's primary mobile service launched a 3G network in March and its  subscriber base, 488.1 million ,for the enhanced network, is double the size of 2G.

Microsoft: (NASDAQ:MSFT)Following the failed Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates campaign to pump up Mojave sales,  MSN Live Search became Bing, a "decision engine", to simplify your search. Some analysts believe it could pose a threat to Google, but the jury is still out.
ooyala logo
Ooyala: Founded by three former Google leaders, Ooyala has over 5,000 publishers using its syndication platform - Backlot. Ooyala's latest launch was version 2.0 of the Ooyala player, codenamed Swift, featuring:live streaming playback, support for many new ad networks, including VAST-based ad systems.

Sony: (NYSE:SE) Disappointing PS3 sales and exploding PC batteries and a layoff of 16,000 workers combined to scare investors from the tech giant. Times are still tough and Sony has lowered its expectations for the quarter.

Nintendo: The recession-proof Wii kept the video game giant on solid ground through the first few months of the year, but video game sales are down across the board, which could spell trouble in the near future.

UPDATE: Freeverse, Epic Tilt, Ooyala & other Tech Companies to Watch By Matt O'Hern at 11:21 AM
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Can TravelZoo Inc.(NASDAQ:TZOO) Eclipse Expedia & Obritz?

travelzoo stockTech investors on Wall Street will be watching TravelZoo Inc.(NASDAQ:TZOO), which provides the best deals from 900 different  travel companies, enjoyed a 20% gain on Friday.TravelZoo has 21 offices across the globe and owns several several international domains, including Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and France. 

Travelzoo's featured tool,  SuperSearch, is a pay-per-click travel search tool, and 15 million users are registered on the the TravelZoo top 20,an email newsletter listing the best travel deals of the week. TravelZoo's recent momentum may reflect consumer frustration from bait and switch tactics and frustrating scams by Expedia (NASDAQ:EXPE), while Orbitz (NYSE:OWW) is stagnant. We'll keep an eye on TravelZoo this week to see if the momentum continues.

Can TravelZoo Inc.(NASDAQ:TZOO) Eclipse Expedia & Obritz? By Matt O'Hern at 10:00 AM
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