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Friday, June 12, 2009

TruReputation Score = Weak Grading for Online Reputation

tru reputation score Your online reputation is as positive or negative as Google search results determine. Consumer research via the web has drastically redefined the world of public relations. As a result, demand has increased for Online Reputation Management.

Hundreds of companies hoping to capitalize on this trend offer a tool or service to protect your public image via Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing  and other methods.Visible Technologies, a Seattle-based firm, recently launched a Reputation Scoring tool titled: TruReputation Score.

reputation thermometerIntrigued, I decided to test my name.I expected to see a detailed and comprehensive analysis of sites with backlinks to marketingshift and other blogs where my stories have been referenced. Instead, I was provided with a list of my social networks, and a few unrelated sites, and I was the one who graded the site, not TruReputation Score. Your score is displayed in a "reputation thermometer" that reminded me of the Homeland Security Advisory System.

So what service does TruReputation truly offer you? It saves you the time of Googling yourself and reading the first three pages of results. Beyond that, your ultimate score are is derived from the average of YOUR cumulative evaluations for each site. Of course, Visible offers and online reputation service to help you "spruce up your image", but if the first phase of the TruReputation is an indication of Visible's complete service, you're just pissing your money away.

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