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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Owen Van Natta: Creative Profiles Distinguish MySpace From Facebook

myspace logoMySpace CEO Owen Van Natta must feel like Karl Malone at the end of his NBA career. Both left the small market for the bright lights of L.A., only to see an underdog rise to the challenge and knock them off their throne. For Malone, it was the Detroit Pistons, but or Van Natta,it's Facebook, his former employer.

Within the year, MySpace's U.S. user base has slowed to a near crawl, while its nemesis continues to lure tens of thousands of new users.While Facebook still trails MySpace in Ad revenue ($605 millionm compared to $205 million), analysts expect MySpace revenue to shrink next year .Worst of all, Facebook has as many U.S. users, after surpassing MySpace in global users.
  Such figures were alarming enough to prompt News Corporation executives to layoff 30% of MySpace's staff.

This quote from an AP article provided these insightful stats:

Until now, MySpace still had the edge among U.S. users. But numbers from comScore show that in May, MySpace and Facebook both had about 70 million users apiece in the United States.

How will MySpace right the ship? According to Van Natta, the top priority for MySpace is to pitch its  strenght in the area of customization and creativity for each user, with thousands of choices for artistic backgrounds and integrated playlists featuring streaming songs from major bands that signed with MySpace Music.

MySpace's identity crisis reveals a paradox for social networks: Should user profiles adhere to a consistently structured and near uniform format, or do most users crave a blank canvas to showcase their talents and share their interests?

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