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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iranians Promote Mir Hussein Mousavi for President w/ Social Networks


As I was in the doctor's waiting room yesterday, I watched an interesting feature story about Iran's Presidential Election on CNN.
Evidently, the oppressed citizens of Iran have access to the web and social media, which they're utilizing to promote reformist candidate Mir Hussein Mousavi.

According to the CIA factbook, Iran's population is at 66 million and has a median age of 27 and The Financial Times claims 47 million Iranians have cell phones and 21 million have Internet access.
Behzad Mortazavi, head of Mousavi's campaign committee, told the Financial Times.

We are using new technologies because they have the capacity to be multiplied by people themselves who can forward Bluetooth, e-mails and text messages and invite more supporters on Facebook.

Those technologies are attracting fans by the thousands, including 40,000 supporters on Facebook alone. Iran temporarily blocked access to Facebook, which only fueled the anti-Ahmadinejad movement.Imagine what the history books will look like in 20 years, if social networking is credited for removing a tyranical dictator.

By Matt O'Hern at 05:01 PM | Comments (4)

(4) Thoughts on Iranians Promote Mir Hussein Mousavi for President w/ Social Networks

Thumbs down for such a condescending tone.

Comments by NG : Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 11:21 PM

I wish Mr. Mousavi the best. I hope for his safety and for his supporters. The current President of Iran is a terrorist/dictator, who has brought nothing but scorn to the Iranian people. The Iranian people deserve better. The Iranian people have spoken and it is time for change and freedom. May Allah bless them and this be resoved with a positive outcome.

Comments by Paul : Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 02:34 PM

Mabuhay.......greetings from Philippines

God speed to all Iranian people and to Mir Hussein Mousavi who stood up to fight for their Freedom,Justice and is the time for change,long live and God Bless

Down to dictator......Down to Ahmadinejad !!!!! FREE IRAN....

Comments by bugzy : Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 06:05 AM

Salam to All
Dear & respected
if u would ever have faced the problemes like other islamic cuontries face(like my country Pakistan) without a justful system like in Iran....U should never go against Islamic system which is giving u te best governance....
If any one feel he is not satisfied withthe system he should spend some days in our country then he will know the value of the great blessing iranian people have now...(we have here cruption , terrorism , incertainity and many other evils which pose a threat to our freadom and the security ...) the person U people now call the dictator is thought to be the hero in the muslim world...

Comments by Ali Abbas : Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 02:32 AM

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