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Monday, June 22, 2009

HighGear Media Car Review Network launches Twitter Car Tweets & Facebook Connect Integration

highgear media

Expert reviews and reports have added value when you're shopping around for your next car. Those annoying commercials, like the Toyota "Saved by Zero" just drive you crazy, and you simply want to find a reliable automobile. With the cluster of  sites to choose from, the process can become tedious.

highgear sitesThanks to High Gear Media, the process has been simplified. HGM is  is the largest network of automotive sites on the Internet, with 38 communities. Whether you're hunting for a muscle car or going green, you'll find the make and model among HGM's network, which includes TheCarConnection, AllAboutPrius, Greencarreports, HondaReports, LexusReports, VolkswagenReviews and MustangBlog, and many others.

In the past six months, HighGear Media's site traffic has grown 40% and revenue by 50%. One innovative feature that caught my eye was Car Tweets: a real-time search on Twitter that aggregates relevant Tweets about every model/make car, which are then distributed across its network of 38 tweets
From, users can sign into Facebook with the Facebook Connect feature.  When they post comments on any of the websites ,they can also post it to their Facebeook page and their friends Facebook home page, enabling them to extend their social network postings and share their experiences and opinions about cars they are most passionate about.

HGM's content partners include and two news sites you don't normally see together: and Based in Palo Alto, Ca., High Gear Media received Series A funding from Accel Partners and Greylock Partners. Visit High Gear Media's homepage to start your search today. 

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