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Monday, May 18, 2009

Warner Bros. Hopes Viral Sites Boost Terminator Salvation Ticket Sales

resist or be terminated

Memorial day is just around the corner, which means the summer blockbuster battle has just begun.

One of the first major releases is the fourth installment of the Terminator series: Terminator Salvation , which opens this Friday.

To supplement TV and theater trailers, Warner Bros. created two viral sites for Terminator Salvation:, and , along with their respective Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels.

Here are the social networking stats for each of the T4 Viral pages:

  • Resist or be terminated Facebook page:324 Fans.
  • Resist or be terminated Twitter Page:688 Followers
  • Resist or be terminated Youtube:Videos Watched: 556,Subscribers: 150
    Channel Views: 2,690
  • Skynet Research Facebook: 1,914 fans.
  • Skynet Research Twitter: 1,870 followers.
  • Skynet Research Youtube:
    Videos Watched: 597
    Subscribers: 275
    Channel Views: 4,706

Judging from the social network stats, fans were more likely to search for Skynet Research than resist or be terminated. There are several contributing factors, including the fact that Skynet Research launched first.

Skynet Research Infomercial from Skynet Research on Vimeo.

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