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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sea World Markets Shamu on Twitter as RealShamu

real shamu

I was browsing through Twitter profiles today when I had to do a double take. I saw the screen name- shamu-logo.jpgThat's right, Shamu, the world's most popular Orca now has its own Twitter page.shamu logo
I checked to see who beat Sea World to the punch, and it's some random dude in Orlando with 10 followers. He needs to cash in on his URL. I'm sure Seaworld would pay a decent amount for it.

Judging from Shamu's bio, he's a team player.


I live at SeaWorld. I'm a large, athletic, black and white marine mammal. I'm not THE star of SeaWorld, I'm A star of SeaWorld.

Here are a few samples of Shamu's status updates:


@MoniDarkTower Given the choice between "maybe" visiting SeaWorld and "definitely" visiting SeaWorld, always go with "definitely."about 2 hours ago from Power Twitter in reply to MoniDarkTower
SECOND WARNING: I unleash a hurricane of cute baby photos on Mother's Day. Here, I'll waste a dolphin one now. 3 hours ago from Power Twitter
@Quiksand @Michael_Phelps half killer whale? It's going to take me a while to get my head around the biology of that. Who did Mershaq?


This is a smart move by SeaWorld because web savvy kids can stay connected with their favorite character after they leave the park. The easier it is for them to remember Shamu, whether its via Twitter or the Shamu Cam, the more likely they'll ask to go back to Sea World.
mickey mouse twitter
Since Orlando is only a short drive from Merritt Island, I couldn't help but wonder if our other celebrity, Mickey Mouse, had his own Twitter page. Apparently, Disney will have to pay up for that name as well, because Mickey and Mickey Mouse are both already taken.

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This is the real Black Magic :)

Comments by Jason : Thursday, May 07, 2009 at 03:31 PM

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