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Friday, May 22, 2009

Review of Yahoo Voice Search App for iPhone vs. Google

yahoo voice search app

Even when it comes to iPhone Apps, Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) is six months behind Google (NASDAQ:GOOG).Today, Yahoo! added Voice Activated Search to its iPhone App, oneSearch. Google's has been available since December 08.

I discovered the app's new feature thanks to a Tweet from Allen Adamson, author of BrandDigital.

yahoo one searchYahoo's version of voice-activated search uses a slightly different interface. google voice micOn Google's version, you tap a microphone icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and a prompt tells you when to speak. On Yahoo's version, you press and hold a button while you say the phrase, which makes it a little bit trickier.
I tested the same phrase for each App: Michael Vick.

My first attempt on Yahoo's produced "MYCL." For my second attempt, I paused a second between the two voice results Google's app recognized my phrase on the first attempt.

Yahoo's App release coincides with interesting data revealed from a study by Vlingo, mobile voice application company that polled 4,800 people.

According to Vlingo's poll, 1in 4 Americans text while driving. Voice search is a safer alternative than typing, but you're still required to read the screen to scan for your results. Aren't we neglecting our safety just as much when we're reading the search results?
Perhaps Google, Vlingo or Yahoo will develop automated responses to read the top-10 results, which would reduce the need to stare at the phone screen

. Of course, the safest alternative is to pull over for your search, but we've become too impatient for such detours.

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