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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jack Bauer prefers Sprint Samsung Instinct to Apple iPhone 3G

Last night, I was glued to the latest episode of 24 when I was once again reminded of my iPhone's limitations. If i was in Jack Bauer's shoes, I'd be screwed, because the link to the streaming video of a hostage wouldn't play on my iPhone.

Why? Because Steve Jobs can't negotiate a deal for Adobe Flash Player for iPhone.
Ironically,the first commercial following the closing credits was the"there's an app for that" by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Sprint (NYSE:S) should counter it with an ad featuring jack saving the day thanks to streaming video, with a quote " there's no app for that."

Sprint is calling-out the iPhone on the Instinct website. There's a video page titled: Instinct vs. iPhone 3G, which includes five head-to-head videos.

  • Network: Instinct has access to four times more 3G coverage than iPhone and independent test shows Sprint's network is more reliable.
  • GPSInstinct offers voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS.
  • Speech to Action
  • Live TVapple
  • Shooting Video
  • Replacing battery: User replacable spare battery for twice the talk time. Instinct's got it, Iphone doesn't.

Sprint and Samsung Marketers have the demographics of the typical 24 viewer: young adult males who like to outsmart and out-muscle their competition, just like Jack Bauer.

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