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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Google vs Yahoo! Whos Ripping Off Who?

Google vs YahooExactly one week ago Google announced Rich Snippets on the Google Webmasters Blog. Rich Snippets are extra details that show up when you search for something that better inform you of the data contained on the page you're about to click on from within Google's serps. Currently Google is supporting ratings and people. In order to have these extra juicy tidbits of information attached to your pages in Google's index you'll need to add some extra markup to your page content to help Google find that information. Not a major deal but it will certainly guarantee a ton of work for seo consultants and web app developers over the next 12 months as their bosses demand rich snippets for their web pages in Google. I personally wasn't too excited about this announcement as it's fairly rudimentary from a coding standpoint and will likely only be adopted over the next 3 months by major IYP players and they'll be lucky if they can get their in-house dev teams to launch this within 3 months due to their inherent inefficiencies.

However, since Google came on the scene back in 1999, Yahoo! has always responded with a move in a strikingly similar direction after the fact. It was no different this time. Earlier today Yahoo announced a major change to the serps as we have come to know them and said they will begin showing more information about the contents of web pages and they'll be focusing primarily on people, local businesses (reviews, contact info and hours of operation) and a few other things... but ultimately, it's the same stuff Google announced last week, only this time you'll begin to see the difference on Yahoo! search results pages. Yahoo! dubbed this strategy "End of the 10 blue links" but they could've called it, we're just doing what Google does so our board of directors doesn't beat us up at the next shareholders meeting.

What's the moral of this story? When Google moves everybody moves or gets run over!

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