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Thursday, May 21, 2009

ESPN Passport: A Social Network for Sports Stadium Junkies

espn passport

Every stadium has hundreds of stories and ESPN wants to hear the fan's version on their social network- ESPN Passport.

Ask any avid sports fan, and they'll tell you that some of their most fond memories are from tailgates and other events surrounding a stadium before and after a game.Sports fans share a common passion and bond when it comes to the hallowed grounds that are home to their favorite teams.

ESPN is tapping into valuable knowledge of that passionate community with Passport. Fans can create a list of stadium reviews,can upload their own stadium photos, share favorite memories and offer advice for anyone planning a visit.
espn passport stamps
Passport's stadium database includes most NCAA Division 1 football and basketball venues, as well as each of the pro sports stadiums, including the NFL,NBA.MLB,NHL and MLS.

I did notice one glitch in the stadium database- a few newer arenas weren't listed, including the Pete Hanna Center in Birmingham, AL,home to my beloved Bulldogs of Samford University. Instead, it listed F. Paige Seibert Hall, a venue  Samford left in 2007. I'm not familiar with many other small private colleges that might be in the same boat, but I'm sure we're not the only one.

espn passport matchupOne of the nicest features is the Add Event option within the stadium directory. ESPN lists all the games since 2006. Ideally, they would have each game listed in the stadium's history, but that's a lot of data to crunch.

ESPN's premise for Passport  is to market stadium travel package plans,sponsored by Orbitz. Should Passport's popularity surge, fans may use it as their point of reference for sports travel, thus reducing the need to visit a second site,such as Expedia or Travelocity.

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