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Monday, May 11, 2009

Americans For Tax Reform Combats Online Fees:

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As state legislators scramble for budget solutions, many have proposed online sales taxes to compensate for budget shortfalls.

I'm already well aware of the average American consumer's opinion about online sales tax. In my article cash-strapped states consider online sales tax, 70% of our readers said they would NOT favor an online sales tax to decrease budget deficits, while 15% said maybe and the remaining 15% were in favor.
California, Mississippi, New York and Vermont are among the  states to debate such a proposal. To counter the tax movement, Americans for Tax Reform, also known as ATR, launched There's also an etaxes Twitter page and Facebook page. New York Governor David Paterson was ridiculed for his digital download fee, also known as the iTunes Tax.

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Around the country, there is a growing effort amongst states to tax online purchases made by consumers.

Stop eTaxes is dedicated to fighting efforts to tax digital and real goods purchased online.

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