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Friday, April 10, 2009 & Bre Pettis Expose Skynet Research Conspiracy

More rumors are circulating about Skynet Research, a company that specializes in tech research, bot kits and security equipment.

Scientist Bre Pettis and a skynet resistance blog are discovering more disturbing facts on a frequent basis. It started with interference on Pettis' skynet security camera, then an audio disturbance on Skynet's hompage, and now the Model 101 is bloodthristy.

skynet model 101

To supplement its anti-skynet message on the blog, Resistorbeterminated has purchased an ad with Google adwords that appears next to the results for Skynet Research.

Bre's update comes only two days after I received a newsletter from Skynet, titled "Welcome to Skynet. Welcome to the Future." The letter boasted Skynet's progress with certain projects and downplayed

Rumors continue to circulate that Skynet Research is somehow connected or affiliated with the content on the website This is not valid information! All content of that website is either inaccurate and baseless, and Skynet Research insists that internet users make no attempts to visit, and should ignore all information contained within the website

Who do you trust? I'm sure Warner Bros. would love to know ;) & Bre Pettis Expose Skynet Research Conspiracy By Matt O'Hern at 05:55 PM
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Travel Channel / Dhani Jones YouTube Channel Hits 80,000 View Milestone

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones knows how to draw a crowd.

Only three weeks after the premier of the Travel Channel's new show: Dhani Tackles the Globe, he's become a social media star.

Today, Dhani's Youtube Channel reached a milestone: 80,000 viewers and 1,500 subscribers.  Dhani's Facebook page (5,778 fans) and Dhani's Twitter Page ( 2,659 followers ) also continue to grow.dhani jones bumps bruisesRecent additions to his channel include his painful bumps and bruises from Rugby in England and  Schwingen, the traditional form of wrestling in Switzerland. Next stop on Dhani's map is Spain, where he will test his Jai-Alai skills.

Unless you're from South Florida, you've probably never heard of the 400-year old Spanish sport. Jai-Alai is similar to handball and raquetball. Each player uses a Cesta, a  wicker basket attached to the player's arm, to hurl a hard rubber ball against the opposite wall.

Jai-Alai is also known as "The world's fastest sport",  "game of dodging death" and "ballet with bullets.", because the ball can ricochet at a speed nearly 200 miles per hour, fast enough to shatter bulletproof glass. I wonder what that ball could do to the bulletproof clothing made by Miguel Caballero.

The Spain episode airs Monday night at 9 p.m.

Travel Channel / Dhani Jones YouTube Channel Hits 80,000 View Milestone By Matt O'Hern at 05:05 PM
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Data Value: Online Sentiment Analysis vs. Face-to-Face Focus Groups

focus group vs. polldaddy

Our tech-obsessed society has replaced face time with Facebook time. For this generation, it's much easier to offer our feedback with a brief rant compared to the spefic details from a survey.

As as result, corporations are creating blogs and forums on their sites to establish consumer touch points,which raises an important question for marketers: How valuable are qualitative and personal focus groups compared to online surveys and sentiment analysis?

In some cases, the answer depends on your intent and your target audience. Obviously, if you're seeking the opinion of people who don't consider themselves frequent Internet users, an online survey form isn't the optimal survey method. When it comes to web experience and expertise, the 55-and older crowd is usually lumped into the aforementioned group, however, an entry in Reuters revealed that Twitter's user base is older than you'd expect, with 10 million unique visitors over the age of 35 last month.
In the U.S , 10 percent of Twitter users  between 55 and 64, nearly the same amount of users as those between 18 and 24, which accounted for 10.6 percent of the total.

Consider the benefits of an online sentiment analysis or online survey, whether it's Survey U, Nielsen buzzmetrics, Socialtoo, Polldaddy , Vocus,or Vertical Response. There are also several limitations within the format that are worth considering before your conduct or analyze your own online survey or sentiment analysis scan.

Online surveys and sentiment analysis

  • Data from forums,blogs and commentscan be obtained organized within minutes.
  • Easy to distribute and publish reports to a mass audience.
  • Large samples sizes available.


  • Limited demographic info for each participant.
  • Limited assurance of authentic and unique answers. (One person can create several usernames and provide the same answers.)
  • Impersonal aspect reduces reliability of results (Machines can't detect sarcasm.)

To provide the perspective of the focus group advocate, I cracked open one of my books from J school: Research in Mass Communication: A practical guide, written by  Paula Poindexter (Seriously) and Maxwell E. McCombs, both from the University of Texas.

The book explains the methodology, application and reward of conducting surveys, including focus groups, as well a census, random surveys and non-random. According to Poindexter and Maxwell, focus groups provide researchers with unique and valuable information that can't derived from other methods.

Focus groups simply provide insight into the attitudes feelings and motivations of participants and suggest hypothesis and research questions.  Even though focus group results cannot be projected to the population, the research expert can make recommendations based on emerging themes.

Face-to-face focus groups


  • Ensured authenticity of each participant.
  • Body language and non-verbal indicators.
  • Follow-up questions to each response.
  • Detailed profiles of participants.
  • Provide deeper insight to each participant.


  • Require participants to travel.
  • Meeting date and duration limits potential sample size.
  • Limited sample size.
  • Limited demographic diversity.

You may wonder, "Isn't there a way to combine the best personal elements of focus groups and the high volume of online sentiment analysis."

One solution is a specific survey geared toward a niche audience, such as Survey U with college students or  Alterian's focus on marketers. However, no matter how detailed or deep an online survey probes, it can't offer the pollster with the non-verbal indicators of a focus group, so if those are valuable insights for your research, you may have to do it "the old fashioned way."

Data Value: Online Sentiment Analysis vs. Face-to-Face Focus Groups By Matt O'Hern at 03:57 PM
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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sprint 4G What's Happening Now Ad Gives Twitter TV Love

If you're a fan of stats, you'll love the What's Happening Now 4G Network ad by Sprint (NYSE:S).   Twitter is likely a big fan as well. Some of the figures are obviously humorous hyperbole. During the 60-second bombardment of statistics, the voice-over says:Rich Silverstein, co-chairman of Omnicom Group's Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the San Francisco agency that created the campaign, told the Wall Street Journal:

The Now Network the new campaign's slogan, stands for the crazy amount of data that gets pushed through these cellphones now, such as Twitter, Google and GPS.It's no longer just about calling

Sprint's witty ad replaces the personal and direct approach they used with their black-and-white ads featuring their CEO, Dan Hesse.Sprint admitted they were looking for a fresh new angle, and perhaps they're following the lead of the prepaid division, Boost Mobile. I would like to know Sprint's source for some of the stats (some of them are obviously fake). I'm not convinced that 74% of the population understands what Twitter is. Other interesting "stats" during the ad include:

Welcome to the Now Network. Population: 49 million.

  • 23 million cell phone calls are being made
  • 380,000 people just hung up.
  • 1 million emails are en route.
  • 7% of them contain the words, miracle banana diet
  • They're hitting 6,3000 spam filters, now.
  • Twice as many people are searching Dog on Google versus Cat
  • Tiny the talking boxer is being uploaded from Youtube to some one's cell phone, now.
  • 2 million people are sending a text message during a business meeting- the most popular subject? Diapers.
  • 233,000 people just Twittered on Twitter.
  • 26% of you viewing this have no idea what that means.
  • 6,000 people are researching restaurants in a cab.
  • 29 of them just left their phone in that same cab.
  • 13,000 people just landed and are switching on their phones.
  • This is what's happening now.America's most dependable 3G network, bring you the first wireless 4G network.
  • Sprint, the now network.

*UPDATE: See the second ad in Sprint's Happening Now commercial series

FYI: Sprint's 4G network will launch in the following cities this year: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Forth Worth, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle.What did you think of this ad?  I thought they took the best elements of the "I'm an IBM-er" campaign and put a humorous twist on it.

Sprint 4G What's Happening Now Ad Gives Twitter TV Love By Matt O'Hern at 05:16 PM
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Are You Smarter than Adam the Robot? Ask Aberystwyth University.

adam the robot

I have the perfect idea for a new game show: Are You Smarter than Adam?

Male contestants would test their cooking skills against Adam, a revolutionary robot created by Professor Ross King at Aberystwyth University in Wales.  Adam reached a milestone for artificial intelligence when it made“simple but useful” discoveries about the gene coding for yeast enzymes. Adam made its own hypothesis on the genetics of bakers’ yeast and carried out experiments to test its predictions.

In other words,  Adam is already light years ahead of the typical American male who  relies solly on his grill.

The concept of a self-educated robot sounds like something out of a lab from a Sci-Fi script, I.E.- Skynet Research in the Terminator movies, but in the words of Dave Barry,I'm not making this up. (Though my story about the Segway Puma vs. Batpod was a fun satire piece )

According to the article. Professor King endowed Adam with a huge database of yeast biology, automated hardware to carry out experiments, supplied of yeast cells and lab chemicals, and powerful A.I. software, said he plans to have teams of humans and robots working together in laboratories.


Adam's team just completed a successor robot called Eve, which will team with Adam   to find new drugs for treating tropical diseases such as malaria:

Adam is a prototype. Eve is better designed and more elegant.

I wonder how long Adam and Eve's will work in harmony before they have their first major argument. Will the relationship last? I smell another reality show.

Are You Smarter than Adam the Robot? Ask Aberystwyth University. By Matt O'Hern at 12:01 PM
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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

AMA & Fleishman Survey: 60% of Companies to Explore Sustainability Solutions

ama fleishman hillard

Challenging economic conditions haven't outweight envionmental concerns for many  companies.

One of the world’s leading public relations firmso firms,Fleishman-Hillard Inc, , and the American Marketing Association, surveyed 270 people, with 1/5 of the respondents coming from marketing or communications businesses and the remainder represent a strong cross section of other economic sectors.

When it comes to new and potentially expanded opportunities for sustainable development, communicators - primarily those who hold marketing or public relations jobs -remain optimistic for the future. This optimism is a welcome bright spot in a time of increasing global economic uncertainty and rising climate crisis.

Obviously, projections are never perfect, but the results from this survey reveal valuable insights.More than half of the organizations surveyed, 58%,  will place greater emphasis on sustainable initiatives in the next two to three years. Of those surveyed.

  • 53% of respondents define sustainability as the need to balance financial, human and natural resources for the long-term benefit of business and communities.
  • 43% percent will increase their focus on sustainability because it is the right thing to do, customers are asking for it, a sustainable approach supports their organizational culture and,equally important, sustainability offers a clear, distinct business advantage.
  • 33% cite little or no anticipated change or emphasis in their sustainability programs in the months ahead.

For accurate analysis, you must know how the companies define sustainability. Just over half,53%, believe sustainability has to do with balancing financial, human and naturalresources for long-term benefit than with environmental protection, while 23% define sustainability in terms of focusing on renewable energy resources, 10% define it as driving waste and inefficiency out of the supply chain,7% believe it's reducing our carbon footprint and dealing with global warming, 3% say reducing our national dependence on foreign oil and focusing on renewable resources and 5%, none of the above.

What's the reason for their new found sense of economic and environmental optimism? According to AMAFleishman-Hillard's summary, there are several factors, including: consumer demand, corporate culture, technological advancements and the new policies of the Obama administration .

  • 63% believe that the new administration’s policies will further accelerate the adoption ofsustainability programs.
  • 49% disagree that consumers will pay more for sustainable products in tough economic times.
  • 40% agree that consumers will pay more for sustainable products in tough economic times.


One section that jumped out at me involved the signifigance of comapny reputation. The survey asked "Over the next two-three years, do you expect each of the following considerations to discourage or encourage your organization's adoption of sustainably practices-

  • Corporate reputation: 73% “strongly encourage” or “tend to encourage”
  • Technological advances: 71% “strongly encourage” or “tend to encourage”
  • Corporate culture: 69% “strongly encourage” or “tend to encourage”
  • Marketing considerations: 60% “strongly encourage” or “tend to encourage”

These results show the added importance of online reputation management, Most companies still have a long way to go before they can practice what they preach. Only 36% are extensively involved in recycling programs, and even more surprising was the stat the only 20% of companies surveyed are extensively involved in improving electric energy efficiency.

Those results reminded me of a CMO survey by Alterian, which revealed that only 4.5% of CMO's were "very satisfied" with their visibility.Half of the companies in the AMA/Fleishman survey feel that economic realities encourage the adoption of sustainability practices but some 29% feel that economic realities discourage adoption, and 27% believe their organization purposefully keeps a low profile on sustainability efforts. Over half (54%) disagree, while 19% do not know.

AMA & Fleishman Survey: 60% of Companies to Explore Sustainability Solutions By Matt O'Hern at 06:17 PM
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Dan Coates of SurveyU Explains the Transition from Now Report to Twitter

surveyu twitter

Today's college students., also known as Generation Y , and  the Millennials, want every aspect of their lives simplified and customized.

As a result their shopping habits and preferences are increasingly valuable to marketers. To keep pace with the students, SurveyU, must revise their reporting methods faster than the typical analytics firm. Dan Coates, the co-founder of SurveyU and president of Globalpark USA, explained the transition from  The Now Report, their monthly college student factoid e-newsletter , to a SurveyU Twitter page

Marketingshift: "What were some of the main factors that convinced you to  make the switch to Twitter?"

Dan Coates: "We wanted to make it easier for people to learn more about college students. The old process involved registering, providing an email address, receiving a confirmation mail,  confirming your registration and then (hopefully) receiving each email. A not so simple 5-step process with way too much exposure to email non-delivery."

Marketingshift: "How has Twitter changed the process for your subscribers?"

Dan Coates: "The new process allows you to look in on an unidentified basis and follow us (protected based on your twitted profile) if what we say interests you. It allows a much more 'casual' relationship with people and we want as many people as possible to develop an interest in collegians." "What tweaks/changes we can expect to see in the near future?"

Dan Coates: "The advantage of Twitter is that it doesn't require a huge effort. It's a casual environment for us as well.  We're all really busy, but felt that a single, interesting slide and 140 characters a week *should* be manageable. If we find that we can tweet regularly and develop a following, we'll publish a lengthier (and more demanding) blog. Twitter will be our proving ground."

Dan Coates of SurveyU Explains the Transition from Now Report to Twitter By Matt O'Hern at 11:06 AM
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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Marcus Jordan Commitment to UCF: An Example of the Millennial Mindset

To the modern blue-chip high school athlete,a college team's tradition and history doesn't carry the same value it used to. Instead, a spotlight and premier facilities can be just as appealing, or even a deal-maker. Case in point: Marcus Jordan's commitment to play for the University of Central Florida.

For the unacquainted, UCF is located just outside of Orlando and is one of the largest schools in the nation. The football program has enjoyed a string of successful years, and the basketball team has occasionaly earned its way into the national tournament, yet FSU, UF and Miami are still regarded as the "Big Three."
Considering those facts, it's hard to imagine why Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, the greatest player in NBA history, declined offers from established teams in major conferences, such as Arkansas, Iowa and Stanford.
Two reasons:

  1. New Arena.
  2. Plenty of PT (Playing Time)

.If you don't think those were major factors in Jordan's decision, read what Tyrone Slaughter told the Orlando Sentinel.

He made his decision based on two criteria. One was the ability to go in and make an immediate impact. He wanted to go in and have an opportunity to play right away at the collegiate level. Secondly, if it was place that he went to on a visit would immediately appeal to him. He immediately felt comfortable during his visit to UCF.

Take a look at the new UCF arena,where the Golden Knights play. ucf basketball arenaTake another look at their all-record in post-season play, and you'll realize that this isn't a traditional powerhouse. In my opinion, today's blue chip recruits aren't impressed by your past, but  what you can offer them now.
You probably don't even know UCF basketball's head coach, (Kirk Speraw)  but UCF can offer something Iowa, Stanford and Arkansas don't have: A state-of-the art facility (Opened in late 2007) and a spot in the starting lineup. Surely, UCF Athletics Director Keith Tribble reminds coaches to showoff the fine facilities to recruitsucf arena

Of course, I wouldn't base my opinion on the actions of one athlete, but I spent four years interviewing local blue chip athletes about their college selection process, and I noticed two recurring factors in many of their decisions: Playing time and facilities. Of all the athletes I talked to, only a few even mentioned "Winning tradition", "Program history", "Winning legacy" or other phrases that we once heard on a regular basis.

Now, don't misinterpret my main point as a prediction that the powerhouse programs are headed for disaster. Certain schools such as Kansas, UCLA, Kentucky, UNC and Duke will always recruit with their name alone, but new facilities and the promise of playing time can level the field for many teams considered "mid-major" programs.

Ask yourself this question, if it was April 2007 and someone told you that Michael Jordan's son was going to sign with a college in Florida, which team would have been the first to come to mind? Chances are you  would have guessed the two-time defending champions (at the time), the Florida Gators. The past two seasons, UF has failed to make the NCAA tournament. Do you know when the Gators' home court,the Stephen O'Connell Center,opened?    December 30, 1980. Meanwhile, UCF's best recruiting class has signed on for next season. Just some food for thought.
 The lesson to be learned: Millenials present new marketing challenges that turn conventional wisdom on its head.

Marcus Jordan Commitment to UCF: An Example of the Millennial Mindset By Matt O'Hern at 04:15 PM
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GM Segway Puma Set to Race Dark Knight's Batpod Motorcycle

batpod vs. segway puma

It's already been called the Race of the Year, but it may prove to be the Race of the Century. dong king the jokerShortly after the announcement of the General Motors and Segway Partnership to launch PUMA (Potentially Useless Motorized Accessory), infamous boxing promoter Don King struck a deal between  Wayne Enterprises & Segway.

Puma is set to hit the streets of Gotham in 2012, but a grand spectacle like a one-on-one race with the Batpod is in order before the Puma hits the market. Rumors have circulated that GM's former CEO Rick Wagoner called the partnership a terrible idea and  wasteful venture. He was then chloroformed  by Timothy Geithner, and sent to the State Department, where he is awaiting a trial on his potential exile.
segway logoNow that the cat's away, the mice can play, and the remaining executives at Segway and GM are eager to see the Puma pushed to its 35-mph threshold.  One unofficial source was overheard as he touted Puma's technological features to Danny Sheridan and odds-makers in Las Vegas.

Puma dominates Batpod in the aspect of technology. Sure, the Batpod has grappling hooks, cannons, and machine guns, but does it have 3G capability to change your Facebook status on the fly?

Puma's 300-pound prototype runs on a lithium-ion battery and dual electric , or as we like to call it, a hyperactive hybrid motor. Puma will also utilize wireless technology to avoid traffic backups and navigate cities.( Wayne Enterprises claims it's a blatant rip-off of Batman's sonar-enabled navigational device.)

lucius foxSpecs on the Caped Crusader's Cycle are classified, but eyewitnesses claim it's capable of climbing walls and leaping over traffic jams with a unique propulsion system. Lucius Fox, director of Research and Development at Wayne Enterprises, was impressed by Puma's Power, intimidating frame and innovative layout; particularly the social networking capabilities .Currently, Fox is battling GM/Segway's request for a 500 mile headstart.

Fox worries Mr. Wayne will become too cocky and let Puma pull a George-Mason-sized Cinderella Story upset.
The race date is to be announced, and the path will span from New York to Detroit, assuming that the city of Detroit is still deemed inhabitable at that time.

GM Segway Puma Set to Race Dark Knight's Batpod Motorcycle By Matt O'Hern at 12:42 PM
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Monday, April 06, 2009

Social Media Stats Continue to Climb For Dhani Jones Travel Channel Show

dhani jones boat race


Dhani Jones is tackling more than running backs. The NFL renaissance man, fashion guru and travel enthusiast continues to attract fans to his show, Dhani Tackles the Globe, a weekly series on the Travel Channel.

Jones has developed a following on various social networks, including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Here's the current tally of followers he has on each site. As you can see, his popularity continues to grow each week.

dragon boatTonight's episode features Dhani in Singapore, where he'll try his hand at  Dragon Boat Racing: A dragon boat is a very long and narrow canoe, and the race is an ancient tradition that began in China.

Social Media Stats Continue to Climb For Dhani Jones Travel Channel Show By Matt O'Hern at 06:25 PM
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Survey U Shifts Ditches E-Newsletter in Favor of Twitter

survey u logo

I just received an interesting update from Dan Coates, announcing that SurveyU is ditching its monthly e-newsletter and switching it's reports to Twitter, at

dan coates

Coates said they were initially skeptical about Twitter's capabilities, but they've been using it for the past month and they're "hooked." Coates and SurveyU will provide weekly slides of survey result slides via Twitter, such as the average college student credit card debt report (you'll be surprised by the results) and their college finance inquiry.

Survey U, a division of GlobalPark USA, recruits thousands of students across the nation. Prior to the transition to Twitter, the valuable statistics were circulated in a monthly publication, known as The NOW Report. Answers are collated and analyzed and the data is forwarded to the public sector, private corporations, foundations, trusts, charities and academic institutions.Survey U rewards student survey participation with points that can be redeemed for gift certificates, such as iTunes, Starbucks and Amazon.

Survey U Shifts Ditches E-Newsletter in Favor of Twitter By Matt O'Hern at 05:30 PM
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Serena Cuevas: The Other Serena in the Gatorade G2 Commercial.

serena g2 commercial

 Following my post on the new G2  commercial with Serena Williams and Serena, a dancer, I received a few comments about the "other" Serena, including inquires about her full name. My contacts at Fleishman-Hillard revealed the full name as Serena Cuevas.

serena cuevas dance pro>

I Googled her name and discovered that she's the founder director of Deseo Dance Company , located in Pacific Beach,California, near San Diego.  She's a New York native, and here's some more info about her background, from her page on Deseodance.comserena cuevas.

Serena has always had salsa in her blood. She began dancing at 11 years old, performing and training in Ballroom dance. In 1999 she came to beautiful San Diego and immediately felt the intensity of the salsa scene. She says, 'It was amazing and so beautiful I wanted to be a part of a dance that I could finally have fun with!' Since January of 2003, Serena has danced with San Diego's most popular salsa companies.

 Deseo incorporates Salsa & Mambo technique with highlights from Jazz & Modern dance. The company promotes agility & athleticism through all of their dancers and is proud to represent San Diego!

Cuevas has a few videos on Youtube, and I'll keep an eye on her name to see if she signs any more TV or movie deals in the near future.

Serena Cuevas: The Other Serena in the Gatorade G2 Commercial. By Matt O'Hern at 04:25 PM
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Q&A w/ SportsMark Founder Jan Katzoff: Sports Marketing in 2009 & Beyond

sportsmark logo

As college basketball crowns a champion, MLB opens play and golfers gear up for the Masters, sports marketers are adapting their methods to reach fans on a new level at major events and venues.sportsmark gillete exhibit

SportsMark ,one of the premier global sports marketing companies , has designed programs for hundreds of corporate clients at premier sporting events, including 10 Olympic Games, 6 FIFA World Cups, 22 Super Bowls, 16 Masters golf tournaments,15 NCAA Final Fours.

I discussed the modern world of sports marketing with SportsMark Chairman Jan Katzoff, who founded SportsMark in 1988. Katzoff has directed SportsMark’s operations at major events in over 30 countries and developed close client relationships with many global companies, including Visa, Xerox, Bank of America and General Motors. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco 49ers Foundation, is an event adviser to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and serves on the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Hospitality Advisory Group.jan katzoff

What are some of trends and traits you've noticed with the modern sports fan and how have their preferences and interests changed in the past few years?

Our observation is that the game is much more about the total entertainment experience for fans. The game is great, but the venue has become a much a part of it as the action on the field or the court. I think everything is shifting to the digital age. Now we have kids running around and watching video on their mobile devices. The traditional sports fan went to a stadium to see the game, that was the primary focus. There's still a percentage of that demographic that go there to see the game, but in terms of younger demographics and make up of family,it's changed during the past few years.

Sports events are known for their casual atmosphere. How do you integrate interactive, social marketing  without interrupting the flow of the game, and how do you create impressive consumer touch-points in a large venue where you're already competing for the crowd's attention?

You have to make it complementary and not competitive when its going on the court or the field. You still need things that fill in to breaks, but no we're doing a lot more before and after activity, way beyond the traditional sponsorship. It's not enough to just have signs and traditional means of exposure.

One of our biggest clients is Adidas, it's not enough for Adidas to have signage, because they want an emotional engagement with the audience. sportsmark world of footballOur Adidas world of football is an interactive opportunity for children and it gives them a hands-on experience, You're testing skills and shooting penalty kicks against a live goalie. We're not just putting an Adidas T-shirt on someone and signing them up. It's about engaging the fans, especially the young demographic.

What's one of the new ways SportsMark is reaching out to fans this year?

One thing people love at the venues is being able to eat food from your seat without having to go to your concession stands.At the San Francisco Giant's AT&T Park, we worked with Visa to create a mobile payment for food, so they don't have to leave their seat. It enhances the live experience. We're constantly talking to Visa and watching to see how they enhance the fan experience.

Q&A w/ SportsMark Founder Jan Katzoff: Sports Marketing in 2009 & Beyond By Matt O'Hern at 01:03 PM
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