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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Travel Channel Offers Special Access to Bizarre Food Bloggers

As part of an ongoing effort to utilize social networking, the Travel Channel is offering sneak peaks and exclusive video clips to bloggers who send emails to the Bizarre Foods Facebook page posted this update today:facebook bizarre foods

Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, is one an eccentric eater with unusual tastebuds. bizarre foods andrew zimmernHe travels the globe to sample popular dishes that would considered bizarre or inedible in the U.S. Zimmern has developed an extensive fanbase on Facebook, with 29,680 fans, and the Bizarre Foods Twitter Page has 1,692 followers.

You may have already read my posts regarding the momentum of Dhani Tackles the Globe. Other Travel Channel shows on Facebook and Twitter include:


TV is only the beginning of the experience with new series. Travel Channel obviously has savvy leaders in their marketing department.

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