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Monday, April 06, 2009

Survey U Shifts Ditches E-Newsletter in Favor of Twitter

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I just received an interesting update from Dan Coates, announcing that SurveyU is ditching its monthly e-newsletter and switching it's reports to Twitter, at

dan coates

Coates said they were initially skeptical about Twitter's capabilities, but they've been using it for the past month and they're "hooked." Coates and SurveyU will provide weekly slides of survey result slides via Twitter, such as the average college student credit card debt report (you'll be surprised by the results) and their college finance inquiry.

Survey U, a division of GlobalPark USA, recruits thousands of students across the nation. Prior to the transition to Twitter, the valuable statistics were circulated in a monthly publication, known as The NOW Report. Answers are collated and analyzed and the data is forwarded to the public sector, private corporations, foundations, trusts, charities and academic institutions.Survey U rewards student survey participation with points that can be redeemed for gift certificates, such as iTunes, Starbucks and Amazon.

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