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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Online Reputation Management: Dominos vs.Tropicana Responses

tropicana editorial cartoon

You may recall my post about PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP)learning the value of online reputation management following its disastrous marketing decision to redesign the Tropicana orange juice carton.

Evidently, consumers missed the traditional design and  vented their disapproval through social networks, and within two months, Pepsi promised to return to the traditional design, the orange with a straw. The feedback was so passionate,it prompted Peter Arnell, the marketing and design guru behind the logo, posted an explanation video for Youtube.
Alex Kuczynski of the New York Times summarized the marketing blunder in her story: Pulp Friction Why Tropicana's redesign was the pits.

The most remarkable detail about the Tropicana fiasco was how personal it became - and how eagerly the public tarred  behind it.dominos logo At a time when Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube, can tell you who is eating a tuna sandwich right now, we are all ready to pounce on the pathetic genius who redesigned Tropicana.

A personal approach. Sound familiar? It's the same tactic Patrick Doyle , President of Dominos, (NYSE:DPZ) employed during his Youtube response to defend Dominos reputation after  footage of of employees tainting delivery food surfaced on the same site. Timing is everything, and Tropicana's Youtube response was obviously too-little, too-late.

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(1) Thoughts on Online Reputation Management: Dominos vs.Tropicana Responses

This article ran yesterday about the Domino's PR nightmare and how to prevent something from it happening again.

I welcome any feedback...(I wrote it on behalf of my company)

Comments by David Goldman : Tuesday, April 28, 2009 at 01:36 PM

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