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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Microsoft Advertising Offers Free Video Platform: Spotzer

microsoft advertising spotzer

Regional advertisers have access to a new free advertising platform from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Spotzer Media Group. The Microsoft Advertising platform will be sent to a regional audience with targets based on age and sex. provides professionaly. Advertisers will be given the tools to produce videos and banners that can be customized with branding materials.
Microsoft Advertising, encompasses, Windows Live, Office Live, XBOX 360, Live Search and Facebook, as well as various platforms and tools, including Atlas, AdECN, AdCenter, DRIVEpm, Massive and Screen Tonic. The combined consumer audience equals 8 million consumers,who spend 22 percent of their online time on the network of Microsoft.

Spotzer offers long tail advertisers a range of innovative TV and web video products and services through partnerships with media companies, directory and local search publishers and advertising and media agencies. Spotzer is based in Amsterdam and has offices in New York and Melbourne, Australia.  Shareholders include Sierra Ventures, Cyrte Investments and European Directories.

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