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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IBM Smarter & Sprint Now Network Commercials Tout Connections

sprint logo

As I was watching 24 last night, I saw another installment of theHappening now commercial series by Sprint (NYSE:S)   The theme was relationshIps. In case you missed it, here's a a video and a rundown of the stats from Sprint's 4G network.

Welcome to the now network. Population: 49 Million.

Right now:

  • 379 couples are breaking up
  • 253 by phone.
  • 42 by E-Mail. (I've been there.)
  • 84 by text message. (The lowest form.)
  • 13,000 people are streaming Pandora on a bus.
  • 3,700 people just found all their friends on Loopt.
  • 92 just realized they were in the exact same place.

IBM logoIBM has a similar series based on the theme of smarter networking. One of their most recent ads, Smarter Connections, hypes the possibilities instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent planet.

Soon there will be 1 trillion connected devices in the world.

Can you hear them?

  • Food is talking to store shelves.
  • Cargo containers are talking to supply chains.
  • Powerlines are talking to the grid.
  • Now that's smart.
  • Systems that allow carrots to tell truck drivers how fresh they are.
  • Roads alert cars about traffic patterns.
  • Cars that learn mechanics before they break down.

When things communicate,systems connect and the world gets smarter.I'm an IBM-er. Lets build a smarter planet.

Personally, I prefer the Sprint Commercial to IBM. Both ads focus on networking, but Sprint uses a humorous approach, while IBM's hyopthetical presentation comes across as the boastful teacher's pet at the front of the class. Having said that, I think IBM has strengthened their brand as a visionary, progressive tech company.

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