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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Double Your Twitter Characters to 280 w/ Razorfish Tweetdoubler


Razorfish is testing a tool to give you twice the Twitter power- Tweetdoubler. Visit and enter you up to 280 characters, opposed to the standard 140. Razorfish's patented compression algorithm compresses the text and publishes your Tweet. Twitter CEO Evan Williams has yet to comment on the tool's potential.

razorfish tweetdoubler

The tool is in test mode and only available to the public until midnight, April 1 (the end of APRIL FOOLS DAY).Try to enter your tweet, and you'll realize you fell for their prank, hook,line and sinker.

You shouldn't feel to embarrased. According to one of my sources, this email from Razorfish's  Australian office was circulated to the U.S. staff this morning. Aussies got the last laugh on this one.

Hi all,
Delighted to launch from the Sydney office, which .... have been working hard on for the last few months. It features a new patented text compression algorithm that compacts and expands what you can type from 280 characters to 140 characters (the twitter limit).

 This is going to have a HUGE impact on the twitter community. Hope everyone that is on twitter will give it a go, and help spread the word!


"You call that a Tweet? TweetDoubler:Now THAT'S a Tweet

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