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Friday, April 10, 2009

Travel Channel / Dhani Jones YouTube Channel Hits 80,000 View Milestone

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones knows how to draw a crowd.

Only three weeks after the premier of the Travel Channel's new show: Dhani Tackles the Globe, he's become a social media star.

Today, Dhani's Youtube Channel reached a milestone: 80,000 viewers and 1,500 subscribers.  Dhani's Facebook page (5,778 fans) and Dhani's Twitter Page ( 2,659 followers ) also continue to grow.dhani jones bumps bruisesRecent additions to his channel include his painful bumps and bruises from Rugby in England and  Schwingen, the traditional form of wrestling in Switzerland. Next stop on Dhani's map is Spain, where he will test his Jai-Alai skills.

Unless you're from South Florida, you've probably never heard of the 400-year old Spanish sport. Jai-Alai is similar to handball and raquetball. Each player uses a Cesta, a  wicker basket attached to the player's arm, to hurl a hard rubber ball against the opposite wall.

Jai-Alai is also known as "The world's fastest sport",  "game of dodging death" and "ballet with bullets.", because the ball can ricochet at a speed nearly 200 miles per hour, fast enough to shatter bulletproof glass. I wonder what that ball could do to the bulletproof clothing made by Miguel Caballero.

The Spain episode airs Monday night at 9 p.m.

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