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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Dan Coates of SurveyU Explains the Transition from Now Report to Twitter

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Today's college students., also known as Generation Y , and  the Millennials, want every aspect of their lives simplified and customized.

As a result their shopping habits and preferences are increasingly valuable to marketers. To keep pace with the students, SurveyU, must revise their reporting methods faster than the typical analytics firm. Dan Coates, the co-founder of SurveyU and president of Globalpark USA, explained the transition from  The Now Report, their monthly college student factoid e-newsletter , to a SurveyU Twitter page

Marketingshift: "What were some of the main factors that convinced you to  make the switch to Twitter?"

Dan Coates: "We wanted to make it easier for people to learn more about college students. The old process involved registering, providing an email address, receiving a confirmation mail,  confirming your registration and then (hopefully) receiving each email. A not so simple 5-step process with way too much exposure to email non-delivery."

Marketingshift: "How has Twitter changed the process for your subscribers?"

Dan Coates: "The new process allows you to look in on an unidentified basis and follow us (protected based on your twitted profile) if what we say interests you. It allows a much more 'casual' relationship with people and we want as many people as possible to develop an interest in collegians." "What tweaks/changes we can expect to see in the near future?"

Dan Coates: "The advantage of Twitter is that it doesn't require a huge effort. It's a casual environment for us as well.  We're all really busy, but felt that a single, interesting slide and 140 characters a week *should* be manageable. If we find that we can tweet regularly and develop a following, we'll publish a lengthier (and more demanding) blog. Twitter will be our proving ground."

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