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Friday, March 06, 2009

Twitter Lists Celebrity Profiles to Lure New Users

twitter the real shaqIf you recently joined Twitter, you may have wondered if you were being spammed by celebrity impersonators, but the profile called The _Real _Shaq is, in fact, the real Shaq

To counter Myspace Music and the fan pages on Facebook, Twitter has resorted to  the online version of selling maps to celebrity homes.twitter starsCelebrities including Tony Hawk,   I read about the publicity stunt, on the article: Facebook Challenges Twitter to Celebrity Deathmatch!.


Sean Combs, Demi Moore, Jimmy Fallon, Sara Bareilles and John Mayer are among the Music/ TV stars listed.  Sports stars include Lance Armstrong, Shaq and Tony Hawk. Basketball fans can get the latest  NBA scores by following Political junkies can find the latest updates from Washington at and fans of ABC's Good Morning America can read about upcoming guests and more at

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