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Monday, March 30, 2009

Social Media Update for Dhani Tackles the Globe

dhani jones rugby

Here's my weekly social media stat update for Dhani Jones and his new show, Dhani Tackles the Globe, on the Travel Channel. Jones social media networks are still growing at a steady rate.

Dhani Jones Youtube stats
Subscribers: 1,273, up from (up from 1,054)
Channel Views: 71,134 (up from 59,640)
Sports Challenge video: 426,638 views (up from 410,895)   

Dhani Tackles the Globe Facebook page fans: 4,215 (up from 3,026)

Dhani JonesTwitter followers:1,650 (up from 949)

Tonight, Dhani tries his hand at Rugby: England's ruthless sport that combines the brutal hits of football with the elements of European football (what we call soccer) As a veteran NFL linebacker,I doubt Jones will be intimidated by the scrums, dirty plays and cheap shots Rugby is known for. According to Dhani's Travel Channel Blog, tonight's episode also includes horseback riding for a fox hunt.

And so came the time during the fox hunt that I had the opportunity to make a smash hit. I didn't want to jump, but this English chap kept telling me, it will make good for television.' So I jump, fell, got stepped on, but I survived and lived to write about it. Later that day I called the GM of the Travel Channel, Pat Younge, and said, 'I told you I'd do whatever it takes to get this show.'

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