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Monday, March 09, 2009 A Perfect Tech Partner for

skynet research

Earlier today, I referenced Wired's aricle about, a site to open data feeds and expand access to federal government  agencies. President Obama's Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra said he's advancing an agenda that embraces open government and is looking for ways to "fundamentally revolutionize technology in the public sector."

What better way to revolutionize the public sector than to work with Skynet Research?Skynet is expansive research corporation focused on robotics and automated systems to reach all aspects of humanity.Just read this quote from the Skynet Who we are page:

Skynet is active in all areas of human endeavor, from construction to underwater resources management, from industrial manufacturing to the latest in defense developments.  Wherever you look, you will find that Skynet is taking an active role in human affairs.

Skynet has already distributed some of their robots and security cameras to the public and asked for feedback. They've also  encouraged Youtube users to send videos with suggestions on how Skynet can change the future. I decided to offer my own creation.


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