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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skynet Research Audio Disturbance Decoded on

Update: The latest blog post on decodes the audio disturbance looping on

The broadcasting party is a part of  'Recon Unit Strider Three.'  They’re supposed to be doing some kind of reconnaissance and have been delayed in their extraction.  All of this somehow relates to 'Tech Com Units' whatever that is, and a Skynet Attack.there is one simple explanation staring us in the face:

This is a military transmission. 

The post follows an update from Bree Pettis' Youtube channel, where Pettis reveals disturbing footage that appeared on his Skynet security camera feed.  drew pettis youtubeAccording to resistorbeterminated's  author, (no name is listed) Skynet has openly admitted their robotic units are in use on battlefields. Evidently, there a few glitches in Skynet's robot technology.

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