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Friday, March 27, 2009

Oregon Trail & Wolfenstein Among Retro Games Revived by App Store

oregon trail iphone intro screen

For anyone who grew up in the 80's and 90's, the mere mention of Oregon Trail conjures memories of "computer time" in our elementary classrooms. Now, 20-35 year-olds can  take a trip down memory lane, thanks to revised version of the game. Gameloft, an App Developer, created an iPhone version.

O.T.'s simple yet captivating challenge: Survive a  pioneer expedition across America.

The keys to succes:

  • Restock your food supply (via hunting)
  • Avoid disease.

To say the graphics on the original, Apple 2 version were "crude" would be an understatement, but the 2009 version, developed by Gameloft, features award-winning animation and game-play. After 18 days on the market,Oregon Trail boasted an average rating of four (out of five) stars and 1015 reviews.oregon trial new injury

If you're more of an action games enthusiast, there's still reason to celebrate. Wolfenstein 3D is back in all its glory. Thanks to developer Id Software, the original first-person shooter game from the early 90s is now available, with all 60 classic levels and the secret weapon. The iPhone version uses clever new touch and tilt controls to navigate the boards and overthrow the Nazi regime.
Oregon Trail runs for $5.99 and Wolfenstein is a dollar less. Both are currently among the Top-10 most popular paid apps.

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