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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dhani Jones Doubles Social Media Traffic on Facebook, Youtube & Twitter

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones has doubled his fan base in the off-season,thanks to a social media campaign and his new show on the Travel Channel: Dhani Tackles the Globe.
For more details about the show, read my first post about Dhani, but you should also check out these impressive stats regarding his rising popularity on social networks.

Only seven days after the premier of his new show, Dhani Jones Youtube channel had 59,640 views(up from 24,000 the previous week) , 1,054 Subscribers (up from 315 the previous week) and 410,895 views for Sports Challenge video (up from 182,503 the previous week.)
The Dhani Tackles the Globe Facebook page had almost triple the amount of fans, with 3,026 (up from 1,009 the previous week) and his Twitter profile had 949 followers (up from 389 the previous week.)

Today, Dhani posted a new video on to give a shout out to Facebook fans. He encourages fans to put him on their banner and hypes tonight's show, where Dhani heads to Switzerland. You can read more about the journey on Dhani's blog. Here's an excerpt from his latest blog entry.

Ever felt unsure about a place? Have you ever arrived in a country, driven to a city and thought to yourself, what am I doing here? Now, most people would think that when going into a third-world country - A place where extreme poverty infused the streets and "everything" was for sale. But for me, it was Switzerland, a country where there are more banks per person and enough fondue to feed the world (I could not confirm either of those last two statements). Now I'm not knocking the country or the sport of Schwingen (Swiss wrestling). I'm just saying it was a bit different trying to break into a sport where I'm not sure they really wanted any outsiders learning.

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Yo Dhani - what is good! Gotta say I love the show you r repping the US athletes. Might not remember me but I was working at Steinberg, Tollner & Moon back when u were with NY - Elita was the hommie. Yo the show 2night was tight, u were rockin those viking MuthaF$#@*zz! Much love and keep rollin around the globe crackin cats!

Want some info about the ties...gotta keep my swag!

Comments by justin : Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 01:59 AM

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