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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Comeback Story? YahooTops Google in Japan

yahoo tops google

Consider Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) the Rocky Balboa story of search engines. An old underdog is slowly making his way back into the ring.

According to the latest release from Comscore, Yahoo accounted for 51% of searches in Japan in January, followed by Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)  search volume was up 13% in Jan. 09 compared to Jan.08.

In addition to the good news from Japan, Yahoo also added Facebook features to its search results, which allows browsers to send messages,poke,add as a friend or view mutual friends right on the search results page. I'm not sure how much that features worth, because most Facebook users simply use the find-a-friend tool while they're already logged-in anyway.

Regardless, Yahoo's impressive  report came at the perfect time, now that  Microsoft is showing renewed interest and Vodafone is also at the negotiating table.

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