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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Attributor & FreeWheel Partner to Monetize User Generated Content

Content owners and producers rejoice.

Thanks to an alliance between Attributor and FreeWheel, you can now kill two birds- inventory management and content monetization- with one stone.

Attributor serves as your own content scout by scanning billions of sites, including social networks and blogospheres, to locate your content, compare digital fingerprints.attributor monitoring Following the scan, Attributor provides insightful reports that include contextual factors like ads, links, amount copied  and  the most frequently visited sites featuring your content.attributor list
 Using the Attributor dashboard, you can quickly find out who is appropriating your content without providing a link back to the original and assess the domain strength of the site, so that you can prioritize your link request activity. After sending your link request, Attributor automatically monitors it to ensure compliance.

FreeWheel complements Atributor's identification abilities with a Monetary Rights Management platform.The Monetary Rights Platform uses a four-step process to to maximize and optimize advertising inventory

  1. Identifies Sales Rights: Determines what                companies have the right to sell ads in a piece of content. For content owners,                this assures your ads are not pre-empted for ads sold by others-you                retain essential control.
  2. Pinpoints the Right Ad to Run:considers exclusivity, custom Insertion Order specs, campaign dates and                other dimensions to ensure that overall revenue is optimized.
  3. Serves the Ad:  A feature-rich ad server which can accommodate any video                ad format pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlays, bugs, sequential                messages, exclusivity and which works with any video player.
  4. Accounts for the Airing:MRM considers all of your agreements and makes an accurate                accounting of each airing in real-time.

FreeWheel has worked with DoubleClick, Yahoo, (NASDAQ:YHOO) , Adobe, and Visible World, while Attributor's customers include the Associated Press, Financial Times, Deutsche Presse Agentur and CondéNet.

Matt Robinson, Vice President of Business Development, for Attributor, believes the combined forces of FreeWheel and Attributor will reduce the significant amount of potential revenue that's lost in syndication.

Only a small fraction of online video inventory is currently monetized, and our analysis indicates that content owners are leaving revenue on the table. By combining the identification technology and automated policy infrastructure from our service with FreeWheel’s Monetization Rights Management platform, we’ll remove this barrier.


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