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Monday, February 09, 2009

White Lies, Metro Station to tap MTV Push Online Platform

mtv push

Rising bands such as White Lies will get the chance to showcase their skills with MTV's various assets, when MTV Push launches in March.

MTV describes Push as a coverage breakthrough for emerging acts, with unique  multi-platform content using MTV’s on-air and digital assets, which number more than 140 windows."

MTVNI Executive Vice President of Music Brands Antonio Campo Dall’Orto explained the inspiration behind MTV Push and MTV World Stage:

Music remains one of the fundamental pillars of our brand and our business MTV World Stage and MTV Push are two of many exciting new initiatives from MTVNI designed to leverage our unique knowledge and strength across the global network. These projects are part of a process to broaden our vision and further enhance the brand experience.

Metro Station's Mason Musso, Trace Cyrus, Blake Healy and Anthony Improgo began performing together in Los Angeles in 2006. Their first pop single, "Shake It," is already a multi-platinum success in the U.S. Metro Station is currently on tour in Europe.

 Consider White Lies, a rock band from West London,  Coldplay in the making. White Lies debuted at No 1 on the UK Album Chart with Their first album: To Lose My Life. They have released three singles, "Unfinished Business", "Death" and "To Lose My Life". They continue to tour in Europe, the US and Japan throughout the first half of 2009.

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