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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Variety iPhone App Delivers Hollywood News and Movie Reviews

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iPhone users can get the instant scoop on movie news an app from latest entertainment industry news.

In a press release, Neil Stiles, president and publisher of Variety Group, said:

Our audience includes some of the most powerful professionals and busiest stars, all of whom want information and when it happens. Our new Variety iPhone App and Variety Widget meet this need, giving us a competitive advantage, and offering our readers greater choice in a market with an ever increasing number of media outlets.

The iPhone App is available at the iPhone App Store and the Variety Widget, a web-based window that can be embedded, is available on Content is generated through Zibb, the business-to-business search engine of Reed Business. The widget can be incorporated into Facebook, iGoogle and My Yahoo. Users can customize the content they receive, with an emphasis on news, reviews, videos or photos. The app was developed by NewsGator content syndication services and RB Searc's Zibb on Demand search engine.
Walker Fenton, general manager of NewsGator’s media and consumer division.

The media landscape is changing, and publishers are looking for creative ways to increase revenues while holding the line on costs.  Viral content syndication meets this need head on and, in the case of the Variety Widget and iPhone App, rides the world’s relentless interest in movies and entertainment.

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